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Default Re: Fab Melo keeps getting assigned to D-League

Originally Posted by hj01850
Ok Fab Mello is a project. I'm making this response 20july2013. Fab Mello needs to go back down to The D-League but with a for or pro center who can work with him one on one with conditioning ,post moves ,defense etc. The Celtics got to remember that Fab Mello did not grow up with 15 years of sand lot basketball and 15 years of NBA TV ! come on develope this Big NBA Body the right way just don't throw him back to the D-League and let him sink or swim on his own! I see more permission in Fab Melo than Coltin Iverson! Bring Fab Melo out. when Fab Melo ducks he's the biggest center in the Boston Celtic organization.Do it right and give him 3 years. John Havelichek sat on the bench for 4 years!
Fab Melo needs to develope a hook shot and that will give him time to get comfortable with the game. Fans would see immediate improvement and contributions.
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