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Default Re: Mitch and company...where is the dee on this team??????

Also might I add, there are many beautiful things about having much cap space as the lakers do next off-season.

the one point I want to focus on is the fact that trades will be so successful.

I am sure that when you go sniffing around other teams in the league, you will find unhappy all-stars. Additionally there will be teams looking to dump salary.

So let me give an example, we have a superstar player in the league on one of our rival teams, the Boston Celtics. They have a guy named Rondo.

What can happen is you may have a Rondo that is growing impatient with the rebuild. You also may have a celtics team looking to invest their 9 picks in the next few years into top notch players. What can we offer? How's about a nice big fat salary relief, with some picks to add to their collection and in return, we will get a championship caliber point guard.

We don't have to be big in free agency with all that money. We're about a few trades away from being legit again.
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