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Default Have you guys ever played with such a good basketball player in your team that...

You don't even dare to shoot?

I swear this 5'10 guy in my court can beat any NBA player if the NBA players were shrink-ed to his height.

His shooting is just amazing, its like 80-90% of the time going in even fading away with defenders all over him.

His dribbles are tight, nothing flashy but very solid, he never does does dribbles like AND1 professor. His dribbles are strong and are really built to break down defenders. Not flashy on-the-spot weak dribbles, but one-two power dribbles and he'll blow by you.

He drives pass anybody AT WILL, excellent footwork and athleticism. And he makes his layups (Whether is it the left or right hand it don't matter). Or he'll back you up then do the Kobe fadeaway.

Offensively he is the whole package. He has the Jordan cockiness and he f-ked u up if u're in his team and miss a layup or create a turnover.

Im a 80++ % Free Throw shooter, but streaky. Im telling you, I don't even dare take a shot when playing with him in my team. You will feel like a super scrub playing with him in your team.

I've never seen him had a bad game before. He NEVER airballs no matter how crazy his shot. Either its Nothing-But-Net or it hits the inner rim and bounces out. Playing with him on my team, when he goes for the layup or shoot, many times I wished he will miss just to reassure myself his human and to prevent myself from looking like an idiot in basketball.

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