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Default Re: The floater... learn it

Originally Posted by CeltsGarlic

unless youre basically a pro.
Its very hard to get that feel for this shot, and even if you think you have it, you still dont.

I picked it up easy during my junior-senior year summer. I played, and practiced a lot though. I started doing it in the paint during my practices and within a month I had decent touch and range expanding all the way to the free throw line. I recommend trying to use the off the backboard floater too when your on the baby wing. It does take years to perfect but none of us are NBA players. Although I do think Pau visits ISH time to time

And what is all this nonsense about being scared of big men and the paint that you do floaters. Point is if your in the paint and you throw up a floater chances are your moving forward and the shot blocker is moving toward you. Your going to get bumped. I got bumped to the ground numerous times doing my floaters because your completely wide open to contact after it is released. If you do floaters a lot the shot blocker is going to move faster, jump higher, and more towards you. Your going to get hit more than just doing a relentless drive. Although it depends the level of competition your playing

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