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Default Re: The Last Of Us Hype

Originally Posted by macmac
Multi classes. Way bigger world and cities. No lvl 7 cap so much more advanced spells and abilities. Great storyline. Much better graphics. Same engine and gameplay, mostly same characters but lots of new ones. Boo is as mighty as ever.

What did u prefer in BG?
Maybe it was the novelty factor now that I think of it. I have a problem with games in which you don't start at the beginning (level one in this case). Makes me feel wrongly powerful and like I'm missing something in between, if you know what I mean. It was even more so in inFamous 2. I also liked the story in BG I better. BG II was a great game in its own right, though. I kinda wish they would make a third one, I never liked Neverwinter nights too much.
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