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Default Re: What are your next gen plans?

Preordered both just in case M$ wins me back by ditching Kinect, and doing a few other smaller things. But I'm 99% sure I'm going with a ps4. preordered from amazon the bundle with battlefield 4 and the year of PS+. Gonna pick up watch dogs on it's release and play it, and maybe ac 4. Depends on the funds at the time though. I need to get a headset as well, haven't decided what kind I'm going to go with though.

In the mean time: burning through some ps3 games like you glide, while weening off my 360. Hell most of the time I'm on my 360 it's too party chat with someone while I play on the ps3.

Hoping on selling the 360 and my games for a good price in february when my gold runs out. I have the reach version which usually goes for a solid price on eBay so I'm hoping that keeps up.
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