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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by Budadiiii
Why should GSP change the way he fights?

Shouldn't the criticism be placed on his opponents? Why is GSP able to consistently take his opponents down and control them? GSP isn't the problem, it's his competitors.

They know GSP's game plan and fighting style. Figure out a way to stop it. The rules are the same for everybody.

Should Tim Duncan change the way he plays basketball? It's rather boring, no? But he's incredibly dominant which is why he gets the respect he gets.

This isn't the ****ing WWE, entertainment is second to getting the job done, regardless of the way it comes off to the viewer.

- Not sure why you would bring Tim Duncan as an example?

- Basketball is a team sport?.....a team sport that is also "Timed"...a team sport where there is a "24 second shot clock"....a team sport that does NOT allow you to score 5 baskets and hold on to the ball for 10 minutes so the other team can't shoot...

a team sport where there has to be a clear defined " winner "....( not judged by who has the flashier game)

- If basketball was a Judged sport ( by judges).....then Flashy Dunks and Fadeaway Jumpers are better then hook shots and drop would also mean Tim Duncan would be an average player at best.....( instead of a alltime great)

- GSP is a great one is denying that......we all get it...his takedowns are nearly unstoppable......

- but getting a takedown and sitting in Side control throwing pillow fists does not mean you are winning a fight......( Takedowns are very important in the UFC.....even if you don't do any damage.....)
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