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Default Re: Assassin's Creed 4 new gameplay

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
I just watched this video this morning.

I'm not sure it'll be completely different. The button mashing combos look pretty similar once you board a ship. And the islands look like miniature versions of platforming levels. But getting around via ship certainly blows out the little side elements from two.

But then again I really loved three. I appear to be in the minority that I liked it better than two. And I think this looks pretty awesome, changes being the better part of it or otherwise.

I do worry a little bit that it was rushed to market. Three came out all of a year ago. And these guys have been putting together WatchDogs pretty much at the same time? I know they're a bigger company, but that sure seems like a lot. I wonder if Black Flag is the remnants of something they started with on 3, and that's how they got it out so fast. And WatchDogs it's certainly possible they've been working on for a few years already even though it never hit the public because it was being designed for the PS4. But it still seems like it'll be a huge few months for that company.
Agreed with your post as usual, just quoted to give information.

Ubisoft has three-four different studios working on AC games. I know Annecy handles the multiplayer and only the multiplayer. One studio handles the bulk of the iteration at a time. They decided to do it this way after brotherhood so that way they could give each game at least 2 years to develop. (it expanded to 3 studios with ac 3 so one studio can now in theory go 3 years between it's installment)

Typically one studio puts in a bit of effort on a new idea and then the next studio up develops it into a big part of the game. Hence the training of assassins, the pirate ships this time. And the lame platforming brick parts of revelations were the basics of how the forest would be formed and the controls for it.
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