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Default Re: Summer Pro League prospects

Originally Posted by tamaraw08
Has anybody seen any of the Laker SPL games?
Saw a couple and must admit that Im quite surprised at some players abilities.
Im aware they were up against fellow prospects and Im not saying they will be great players but some I believe can help provided ofcourse that they get the right guidance..
1. Marcus Landry is the most impressive one for me, plus I think the Lakers still need another SF. The guy can shoot, averaged 40% from the 3pt line in 97 games the past 3 years, plus he is not short at 6-7.
2. Chris Douglas Roberts has the ability to attack the basket, good handles but Im not sure if he has good understanding of the game interms of when to shoot and when to pass etc.
3. Lester Hudson would have been a decent PG but the Lakers have 3 PGs right now. The past few games he's been the most consistent shooter but checking his career stats, he is not exactly an accurate one.
4. Travis Hyman's athletism and good timing and technique allowed him to patrol the lanes well and block/changed shots. Listed 7-0, he seems decent in bothering penetrators.

is landry 3/4? i dont know..i think D'Toni will play him at 4

Lester Hudson i like...and would prefer him & trading away JHill/Blake to get under the lux tax and avoid paying repeater's tax in long term
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