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Originally Posted by cyco127
Okay, so everyone assumes that because he came from Alaska that Utah's climate wouldn't bother him too much. Well maybe he's tired of it. Maybe he'd rather live in the sun... To me that has little to do with wanting to play for Utah.

We're definitely not lacking in sun here. I'm sure it'll be in the mid-90s today. There's even a fair amount of beach with all the man-made lakes and things. I don't think they've even really lived here, to be honest. No skin off my teeth.

Originally Posted by cyco127
Really, if there's a primadonna it's CeCe Boozer. I can't stand her. But hey, I'm not married to her.

That's kinda my take on the situation also. Given the same situation, (if my wife was 'unhappy' with the 'host' city) I'd probably buy somewhere else too.

Originally Posted by cyco127
Oh yeah, Hardfoul, do you really believe that negative hackwork that Munson and Krapthorpe write on a regular basis?

Ummmm..... No. Not really. I figured since you actually knew him you could give some actual insight instead of what we are spoon fed by the media.

Originally Posted by cyco127
And yes, I'd happy play for Antarctica for 11 mill per year.

Wouldn't we all.

I think the guy can play and hope he works hard this year. This could be a really fun year to be a Jazz fan. Improvement from last year will have to be measured carefully though. I don't think the group is really ready to win 55 games, but I'd love to see them in the higher 40s.
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