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Originally Posted by guy
The show did get really ridiculously unrealistic in season 2. Some of the dumbest most unexplainable things would happen i.e. Brody killing Walden and is not even questioned about it despite CIA knowing he once attempted to have him killed and was in the building at the time. Watch, I guarantee they won't even address where Carrie was in the 1-2 days after the explosion despite her and Brody being the only two bodies unaccounted for at the time. Still a very entertaining show, but one of the most unrealistic I can remember.

Brody didn't kill Walden, he only helped. The idea of a computer being able to hack into Walden's heart monitor thingy might not been known to exist so they'd have no reason to think Brody was involved.

As for the 1-2 days that Carrie was missing let's wait until they dismiss it or accept a bs excuse from Carrie before you hate on the show for something that hasn't happened yet.
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