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Default Re: Insanely high Nets salaries and luxury tax for 2013-14

how would the loss of picks and lost financial maneuvering room NOT affect future teams? i'm not saying it's a tragedy for the ages, i'm just saying these will be of some factor. not necessarily the biggest factors, just factors.

prokhy is only projected to lose $50 this year as i understand it. that ain't bad at all, considering the investment as a whole already gained a lot of value and he can obviously afford it. not to mention i would think more revenue will be discovered as the nets brand saturates further in to the NYC market through the years.

IMO the spurs deal is first and foremost about very intelligent drafting and org-building. holt's pockets come somewhere after, but i think buss or arinson or someone like that are much better examples of what you're trying to get at.
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