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Originally Posted by Faufner
In my opinion, this draft is gonna depend on one important factor:

- are the Raptors content with Charlie V at the three spot?

I personally believe that he is not a small forward. I'm mildly comfortable with having an average liability defensively, but having Charile V at the three spot is much less than average. If I were the Raptors, i'd attempt to trade Villenueva so the Raptors could draft Rudy Gay, who would be my choice (only if Villenueva is traded).

If things stand pat the way they are, the Raptors should draft Andrea Bargnani. In my opinion, he has the best talent in the draft (followed closely by Gay), based on reports and the scarce video footage I've seen of him.

Either way by your scenario we are drafting a SF so what's the difference if Charlie stays or goes?
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