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Default Re: Official Toronto Blue Jays Discussion 2013

Originally Posted by bluerap
Anyone wish we could reverse the Marlins deal?
I'm not even gonna ask about the Mets Deal...
It depends on what else would have been avaiable.

I was glad they got Reyes. I was glad they got Johnson. I realized that Buehrle was more of a "you guys have to take his contract to make this deal work". Johnson has clearly bombed and that's the part of the deal that has backfired. I don't care too much about Nicolino or Marisnick even though he's clearly bounced back this year. It also depends on whether or not the Reys and Buehrle contracts will prevent the Jays from spending much going forward. We'll see.

The Mets deal looks ugly though. I personally thought that D'arnud would immediately be better than JP. Maybe not a star but a quality everyday catcher. The injuries are a concern but still, with how bad JP has been, that might hurt. I'm not too concerned over Syndergaard though. He's still mostly a 1-pitch guy right now and if he doesn't improve the curve-ball, there's still a legit chance he ends up as a reliever (albeit, a very good one). He's also probably 2 years away.
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