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From everything I've read, Syndergaard has improved his curveball and is no longer just a one-pitch pitcher. He is also working to develop that change up. That Dickey trade has been horrible. I don't think it's going to get any better either. It looks like an absolute fleecing right now. I have always liked Syndergaard and I think he's got a legit shot at being a starter. He hasn't been challenged at any level yet. He's got an extremely good BB rate for someone who throws that hard and his K rate remains near 10k/9. I thought we had given enough by trading D'Arnaud, but adding Syndergaard on top of that was too much.

As for the Marlins trade, I'm not too worried about that one; we did give up pretty decent prospects, but no stars. We got the two best players in the deal (even though Johnson flopped).

Nicolino's K rate has regressed quite a bit; and while he was never gonna be a big K guy, it's below 6k/9 in single-A. Marisnik has been called up way too early, but he's got a legit baseball body. He looks overmatched at the moment, but I think he can develop into a very decent player. Adeiny Hech was leading the NL in average since the beginning of July (last i checked); he's not a bad piece either.

We seriously need to get rid of Buehrle, I do think it will come in the way of us signing some players or going after some good players...
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