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Default Re: Big Ass Suns Discussion Thread

all the talks about the Pacers getting Scola, i think the decision made by the Suns are underrated in this trade.

* Suns trade Scola for Green, Plumlee, 1st-round pick

1st round pick is lottery protected, but i don't think anyone see the Pacers missing the POs.
Scola is good, but not at all a good piece in our rebuild.
Rather than letting him walk, the Suns gotten a 1st round, in the next deep draft (not saying it will pend to something, but an additional pick is never something bad). Then we get high flying wing Gerald Green, and 2nd year center Plumlee, 27 and 24 respectively. The Suns are making well-thought moves this off season, something we haven't seen in awhile.
Future looking bright so far. Cheers
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