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Default Re: How you guys hanging?

We replace Nate and Marco with Rose and Dunleavy. That's solid.

I think our top 8 guys are one of the most well rounded groups in the league.


IMO, this will be the best Bulls team since 98.

I fully expect Rose to return to an All-Star level. Deng is now a 2 time All Star. Noah an All Star, and possibly the most complete center in the league. Boozer is a walking double double. Jimmy is one of the better defenders and should fit along side Rose very nicely.

The second unit looks legit. Hinrich, Dunleavy and Taj could all start for a lot of NBA teams. Not sure what we will get from the rookies, but both can definitely shoot.

Plus, look how long/big that team is. The defense should be better than ever (helps getting Rose back, who IMO is an underrated defender).

Rose 6'3", Butler 6'7", Deng 6'9", Boozer 6'9", Noah 6'11".
Hinrich 6'4", Snell 6'7", Dunleavy 6'9", Taj 6'9", Nazr 6'10"

Not trying to say height > all or anything, and I realize length, athletisim, ect ect can make up for a lack of height...but I can see this team giving other teams fits due to their height and length paired with Thibs.

Should be a fun season Bulls fans, I look forward to games at the UC.
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