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Default Re: Summer Pro League prospects

Originally Posted by dd24
I'm not sure if inferior is the correct word but it is close. First of all, summer league is only a week. It's a very small sample size. The D-League is an entire season. If you excel for an entire season it's definitely more than just a hot streak. Also, there are plenty of people who have had amazing summer leagues and sucked really bad in the NBA. There's also top college players who have had terrible summer leagues who have went on to have great NBA careers. The two don't really translate. Everybody who watches the summer league realizes this. Dujuan Summers dominated summer league for a couple of seasons. He was nearly the Lebron James of summer league. He couldn't crack the Pistons rotation and he's been having a hard time even staying in the NBA. As for saying if you're a top D-League player why not play.... well because you can't. The summer league is meant for first and second year players. Those are the guys that typically get showcased. The D-League goes beyond that. Gerald Gnreen is a good example of that. I like discussing both the summer league and D-league but they really are two completely different conversations.
incased you missed it, i posted landry's fg% from his 97 d league games and not frm the SPL. i understand its a small sample, that is why also checked Hudsons fg frm d league and not allow myself to be emotional after being hot in the last few games esp after swishing a 27 footer. Again the past top collegiate players are also competing. also not that other d leagers also struggle in the SPL like CDR who lorded over the D league and yet just ave 9 pts/ game
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