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Okay. so let's nail down what we can state. Carlos did pull a quick one in Cleveland, regardless if he was felt that he was "undervalued" or not. Carlos did get hurt, and spent an awful lot of time being hurt, sitting at his house in LA. Utah is notorious as the place NBA players would least like to play. And I can say that mid-year, during a half-time interview with Boozer, I watched him dance around the question of whether or not he wanted to be in Utah like Ali in a boxing ring. Clearly this all adds up to make Jazz fans nervous.

Has this damaged his reputation as a player, and has it affected his value? Probably not yet, but there's certainly opportunity there for it to happen. I hope that Boozer comes out with the same intensity that was building back up towards the last part of the year.

You know, cyco127, the part of your response to summit that got me was the "You know nothing about Carlos Boozer" part. That's exactly right. We as Utah fans, don't know anything about Boozer. We haven't gotten much of an opportunity to know him. I don't think that's as much our fault as his.
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