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Default John Fox

How good or valuable a coach is John Fox? I always felt he was a solid fit in Carolina during his tenure there, and Denver seems to be in driver-seat (and holy cow, off topic, but was just watching NFL Live and some knucklehead said the Texans are positioned and ready to make and win the Superbowl ... yeah, sure). Alright back to the land of the sane and rational, is John Fox the beneficiare of the immense talent that surrounds him, or is it the management that John Fox provides that makes them a contender in what looks to be a highly competitive season.

Some argue it's a coach's league, and of the main three (NFL, NBA, MLB) they're worth their weight in gold (examples such as: Bill Belichick, Jim Harbaugh, Sean Payton, Mike Tomlin - and maybe a handful of others). So considering how valuable both on the field and off the field management in the NFL is, where does John Fox stack up compared to the others of his respective position?

Back in Carolina, he somewhat had a reputation of not being hard enough on his players. Kind of a pushover, do whatever it takes to pacify or appease his players, but in a way where his players did respect him. I wouldn't say he's one of those guys who gets you 100% out of every player, but I wouldn't say he's just always been fortunate enough to have talent surrounding him either. A happy medium in there somewhere. What's your thoughts/opinions of the guy?

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