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Default Re: For those who love the passer rating stat

PT - you do make your point when it comes to Romo's passer rating, but that's where the buck stops. Outside of stats, he's nothing and has produced absolutely nothing. A QB's success is rated and measured by wins; most notably playoff wins, conference titles and the big one - all of which Romo is absent with the exception of a surprisingly impressive win over the Eagles (105 passer rating).

The surreal realization of it all is finding a quarterback who can produce consistently in the regular season, but much more importantly produce consistently in the post season. When it comes to QBs in the NFL, it's a do-or-die, dog-eat-dog, sorry charlie if you can't have your cake (win in the regular season) and eat it too (win in the playoffs). Romo has his cake, he just can't seem to eat the damn thing.

He's a choke artist. Plain and simple.
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