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Default Re: Bobcats and Henderson reach a deal

Like rufus said, good deal for both parties, with perhaps the 'Cats coming out slightly on the better end. Henderson is a very talented guy, and I've opened up to him whereas when we initially drafted him I was skeptical and thought to myself "here we go again" - another "hometown" (Duke) pick, but this one is working out thus far.

Henderson has shown flashes of greatness, just not consistently enough to have us open the checkbook and say "how much!?" ... but in three years, who knows? I think these next few seasons will be Henderson's moment of truth, if you will. I don't think it's likely, but it's possible G.H. could blow up and develop into one of the league's premier swing-men, elevating from a 15ppg to the 22-24 range, all the while improving his defense and crashing the boards, then maybe we can talk about mega dollars. At the present, 6 mil a year seems fair.

Like wicked said, we needed to sign him. No question about it. If he were to "blow up" we'd rather have him do it in Charlotte instead of anywhere else.
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