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Default Re: Best/Favourite ISH poster representing your favourite teams

Originally Posted by Peteballa
I never said I haven't heard of it. I said it's not a good way to speak. You come across as unintelligent, simply because of the way you convey your thoughts; your thoughts could be completely rational and intelligent, yet merely because of the way you compose them, everything you project is interpreted as garbage.

I am obviously the "dumb motha phucka" here.

Also, this might make me sound like a sheltered kid who has never been around ebonics in my life, which is hilariously untrue. My high school was only 15% caucasian. My best friends in high school were hispanic and black. I was the only white kid on the basketball team. Speaking with ebonics isn't cool, it just makes you appear dumb as ****.
unintelligent and garbage?? explain.
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