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Default Re: For those who love the passer rating stat

Originally Posted by Carbine
Don't buy the hype of that stuff. It's incredibly stupid.

Just because it's regularly accepted as the measuring stick doesn't make it right. All it means is people are:

1) Dumb
2) Too lazy to research and apply logic.

Wait, so what are you saying exactly? What's the missing piece to the puzzle you're referring to? Based on your comment, you're undermining the importance of post season wins in comparison to regular season wins/stats. What am I missing here, that makes my comment "dumb" or "too lazy to research and apply logic?" ...

I'm highly curious.

Charles Barkley never won a title ... and he'll never be considered one of the greatest of all time. Is that rightfully so, or is there something missing? Are you devaluing the overall value of championships in any said sport?
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