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Default Re: Best/Favourite ISH poster representing your favourite teams

Originally Posted by Legends66NBA7
I guess I'll make my picks too. This is just going off what I've read, either great posting, funny, etc...:

Atlanta Hawks - hawkfan
Boston Celtics - Derka, Professor Murder, b1mtf, Shade8780
Brooklyn Nets - D12 "Magic", MTing, Chuck Oakley
Charlotte Bobcats (Hornets) - ballsohard247
Chicago Bulls - Kblaze8855, K Xerxes, Samurai Swoosh, poido123
Cleveland Cavaliers - RedBlackAttack, chips93, Meticode, CavaliersFTW
Dallas Mavericks - DMAVS41, creepingdeath
Denver Nuggets - NuggetsFan, kurple
Detroit Pistons - Rake2204
Golden State Warriors - Cali Syndicate, bdreason
Houston Rockets - TheAesirsFinest
Indiana Pacers - Dro, InspiredLebowski
Los Angeles Clippers - Clippersfan86 (RIP), kuniva_dAMiGhTy
Los Angeles Lakers - SpecialQue, catch24 , oh the horror, fpliii
Memphis Grizzlies - jlip
Miami Heat - 305baller, InfiniteBaskets, DaSeba5, PJR
Milwaukee Bucks - Jasper
Minnesota Timberwolves - BankShot
New Orleans Pelicans - Johnny Jones
New York Knicks - ShaqAttack3234, DonDadda59
Oklahoma City Thunder - KG215
Orlando Magic - Jameerthefear, LeShaqtus, HylianNightmare
Philadelphia Sixers - GOBB
Phoenix Suns - OminStrife
Portland Trail Blazers - Myth
Sacramento Kings - Simple Jack, jcsrplumply
San Antonio Spurs - Anaximandro1, BuffaloBill, rmt, scm5
Toronto Raptors - Every Raptor fan. Best fan base here.
Utah Jazz - Purch, Mr.Pibb, Xiao Yao You
Washington Wizards - Clifton, KingBeasley08

One's with 1 are usually teams that don't have enough posters, but the ones I did pick are pretty solid. Couple don't post as often, but were definitely great.

made my night doe
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