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Default Re: For those who love the passer rating stat

Originally Posted by Carbine
I'm saying you should be judged upon how you play way more than superbowls.

I value playing well in big games - the bigger the game, the more weight it holds. I also value regular season games, they matter too, quite a bit....since their are only 16 of them and only 6 teams from each conference make it.

However, I've seen way too many quarterbacks play well and lose a big game/playoff game.....and play below average and win. Yet somehow playing well and losing is worse than playing bad and winning.

Peyton Manning played two of his worst playoff games ever to start our superbowl run in 2006.... but the team picked up the slack. He's a champion because of it....just like Brady is a champion because he has great teams around him. He was a worse player while winning....then he was asked to do more and more and got better.....and they haven't won a title since.

All you can do it your part. Can't make your WR catch the ball....can't play special teams....can't coach.....can't play defense.....can't block....etc.

Peyton wins a ridiculous pct of the times he steps on the field. Generally he wins 10-12 games, and makes the playoffs, EVERY year. Peyton isn't just about stats, he wins ALL the time. ALL the time.
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