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Default Re: Best/Favourite ISH poster representing your favourite teams

Originally Posted by Legends66NBA7
Yeah, Gibson and Delonte are cool. B-Low doesn't chime in on the NBA board that much, but he's pretty good when he comes around.

Great list my man

A special mention to Legends66NBA7, Oh the Horror, RedBlackAttack, AllNet, EllEffEll, and others I can't think of off the top of my head are always posting good stuff and I never have run ins with them, even though they are fans of other teams. Oh the Horror is a funny fcker, always like reading his posts...

You forgot that guy Qijibo? He's a good raptor fan and he is usually brutally honest about his team and he is quite funny, especially when he goes in on Bargnani

While I might annoy some of you, ( I make no apologies to certain Heat fans) I hope that I contribute some kind of entertainment for you all, good or bad

Pretty sure DonDadda59 is a bulls fan man, he doesn't post often but he is quality. There are some really good Bulls fans who post mainly on our team board, but ill make mention of them because they are some of the really knowledgeable posters.

Undisputed, Crystallas, Go Getter (Always grumpy), Methusala, Dengness9, Kelticforce1349, tamaraw08, ballinhun8 and many more. I think alot of them just can't tolerate any level of trolling so they avoid the main boards altogether, whereas I welcome it and give it right back :

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