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Default Re: Wiggins wants to be a Raptor

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
Right now I see the Raptors as a 7th seed at best, 11th at worst. Basically the worst position for a franchise to be in.

Great observation Q.

Comes down to "are we tanking or not"?

We are not tanking based on my reading of the puzzle.

I suspect the "corporate philosophy" of MLSE Management is : (1) win more (2) make the playoffs even as a marginal team and (3) bank on convincing the board of govenors to bring the All Star game to building excitment to 2016 and Team Canada (success in the Olympics?) marketed with Team Canada success (Raptors in NBA).

The next move (if any) will probably be the most telling.

I would predict that with QRich, Landry, Terrence, perhaps Derozan all available MU will actually make a move at trade deadline to improve the team.

Ironically I dont think Derozan is much in play as an asset even though there is overlap with Gays game. Gay may be here two and done - so Derozan would still seem to be the hier appartent.
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