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Default Re: Best/Favourite ISH poster representing your favourite teams

I'm too much of a nub to know/memorize a lot of names (I pretty much only post during the off-season and trade deadline).

For GSW especially since when I've became a member the most I ever talk about them is "yep, good move." No name stands out, though I like the guy w/ the LMA avatar (lots of GSW-Blazer combo fans it seems), sorry can't remember your name. Also a dude w/ a Steph avatar who I think is pretty good.

Sac is different. Since they're bad, fans posting seem more passionate and involving, mine included, as the desire for change is greater. andremiller is cool (thanks for the rep back!). Only other name I remember is Miles and Miles, though I know there've been others who've posted about the Kings.
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