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Default Re: Best/Favourite ISH poster representing your favourite teams

You guys are listing trolls that have no loyalty to the team, I am gonna list real posters.

Spurs - SDac or whatever with the Manu avatar
OKC - Fudge
Lakers - Chazzy, Specialque
Denver - Nuggets guy with that hot avatar
Warriors - Cali Syndicate
Memphis - can't recall any
Houston - there are a lot of Rocket fans here, the guy who posted McHale memes was great
Clippers - Fiasco, qrich
Jazz - Xian xiao or whaetever
Suns - omnistrife
Kings - Andremiller07
Mavericks - DMAVS

Heat - plowking, PJR
Bulls - K Xerxes, Rose, D-Rose, Kblaze, 97 Bulls
Pacers - Biglebowski
Knicks - there was one great Knicks poster that wasn't totally delusional and crazy, knicksfever maybe
Nets - can't recall any
Sixers - Gobb
Celtics - Pushxx
Cavs - they have a lot, CavsfanFTW maybe
Bucks - nonexistent
Magic -Jameerthefear
Raptors - red1
Wizards - Tontoz

Tazb, tonymontana, trollsmasher, number six, pauk, electric slide, jabbar, 9er, kenneth and some of the others are all trolls and Kobe/Lebron stans.
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