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Default Re: Pistons Trade For Brandon Jennings

I would of loved to see what Knight could have done in his 3rd year - the year where almost every point guard makes giant strides... His outside shooting and physical tools at the PG are already good, just needed to learn how to be a floor general which was the beauty of bringing Billups back...

Jennings has insane talent, and can still pretty much be anything he wants. Hopefull Cheeks and Billups can tutor him away from taking too many shots and turn him into a pass first PG - in which I think his speed, handles and vision would allow him to thrive in this front court heavy Team.

DD24 - You are exactly right in mentioning he has not really had front court scorers to play with. He should be able to hook up with them easily and often.

ZMonkey - Knight was a long 6'3, by no means a small PG. And that Vid you posted is obviously a cause for concern, but tat the same time, he has never really had too many options at the Bucks. Hopefully this changes with the system we will be running
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