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Default Re: Pistons Trade For Brandon Jennings

Originally Posted by ZMonkey11
smh. smfh.

What did we need after we got Josh Smith?

Outside shooting, a point guard who can run an offense, and spacing. You could arguably say we needed perimeter D, but with a stout interior D, I can let that slide.

What did we just do? We traded a small, young PG that can't really run an offense with an outside shot for a small, older PG that can't really run an offense and doesn't have an outside shot. And the younger kid was probably better on defense (and that's not saying much.)

Here is to hoping they give Billups that team option next year so he can continue to coach this knucklehead.

I think Jennings has better handles and he can create better. I'm not sure his assist numbers will necessarily go up because Monroe and Smith both rack up their share of those two but I do think the ball will move much better. People think these guys just chuck shots but especially in the case of Jennings he really hasn't had a solid team around him.
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