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Default Re: Best/Favourite ISH poster representing your favourite teams

Originally Posted by RoundMoundOfReb
Atlanta Hawks - hawkfan
Boston Celtics - rmwg
Brooklyn Nets - dunno
Charlotte Bobcats (Hornets) - dunno
Chicago Bulls - kblaze probably
Cleveland Cavaliers - probably the best fanbase on this site minus pleasebelieve
Dallas Mavericks - dmavs41
Denver Nuggets - kurple
Detroit Pistons - dunno
Golden State Warriors - shady is somewhat entertaining
Houston Rockets - mr exlax
Indiana Pacers - inspiredlebowski
Los Angeles Clippers - cf86
Los Angeles Lakers - All Net mr jabbar for the laughs
Memphis Grizzlies - dunno
Miami Heat - Tony Montana
Milwaukee Bucks - dunno
Minnesota Timberwolves - dunno
New Orleans Pelicans - dunno
New York Knicks - shaqattack
Oklahoma City Thunder - kg215
Orlando Magic - Orlando Magic
Philadelphia Sixers - Gobb
Phoenix Suns - dunno
Portland Trail Blazers - myth
Sacramento Kings - andremiller07
San Antonio Spurs - dunno
Toronto Raptors - red1
Utah Jazz - don't know.
Washington Wizards -don't know.

Team Lebron - silkktheshocker
Team Kobe - 9erempiree/kobe143

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