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Default Re: Pistons Trade For Brandon Jennings

Originally Posted by dd24
I think Jennings has better handles and he can create better. I'm not sure his assist numbers will necessarily go up because Monroe and Smith both rack up their share of those two but I do think the ball will move much better. People think these guys just chuck shots but especially in the case of Jennings he really hasn't had a solid team around him.

I have a Milwaukee bucks fan that shitted a brick when the Bucks offered Jennings an offer. He cursed the FO. We had made a bet to see who would have the better record, Bucks or Pistons, and once the Bucks sent out that offer, he wanted to rescind that bet, and I obliged.

Now he laughs at me. I can only go by what a person that is a die hard bucks fan can go by, and he says Jennings is a plague.

I will keep my hopes up that Billups can guide the kid. An influence like that can help a lot in the locker room. But from what I have seen of Jennings play and what my friend has told me about Jennings, my feeling is your thoughts on Jennings are misguided because we've had such sorry guard play in the last 4 years.

And yes, I think it's an upgrade. But to what end? Does having Jennings push us into title contention? Highly doubtful. This only gives us a worse pick in the draft. What's the point of that? These are moves for Joe D to save his ass from the imminent firing that was coming.

To hoping you guys bring this up in 9 months and say I was horribly wrong. I will happily eat my words.
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