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Default Re: Pistons Trade For Brandon Jennings

Originally Posted by ZMonkey11

And yes, I think it's an upgrade. But to what end? Does having Jennings push us into title contention? Highly doubtful. This only gives us a worse pick in the draft. What's the point of that? These are moves for Joe D to save his ass from the imminent firing that was coming.

I've been all about this team getting better draft picks lol. With the signing of Smith we were probably out of the lottery. I don't think this signing makes us a contender, but it puts us back into the thick of things. I think we're nearly at that stage that we were at before we added Sheed and he put us over the top. We're still a move away, or we really need Drummond and KCP to be huge suprises and develop very fast. This team is so young, Jennings included. I think it's going to take a few years for them to grow.
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