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Default Re: Best/Favourite ISH poster representing your favourite teams

Originally Posted by plowking
I don't bother with the team board. Never have since its always been pretty dead in there. Now the NBA forum is pretty much a Laker/Heat board anyway, so it works out fine for me. I can actually talk about my team, and the rest of the board wants to as well.

PJR is the only one that seems to have a good grasp on history. G-Train has fallen off the rails. I think at one point he called Penny Hardaway as good as prime Wade... I think even the biggest Heat hater wouldn't go that far. Just another poster stuck in the hay day of "everything was better back in my day".
I've got hundreds of tapes of games lying around to know who was as good as who. Hell, I even have the 96 all star game lying around somewhere. I don't even like Jordan but I can still remember one of the dunks in there that looked so smooth in real time.

Found a video:

Just looked sick, and even on the replay looks fluid.

Anyway, enough of the G-train rant, and pointless videos... PJR is the only one that actually is worth reading for me in terms of learning something about my team before I started watching.

Does PJR post that much anymore? I haven't seen much of him, maybe just my own ignorance.

As for the vid, yeah that's a nice smooth dunk from Jordan, however give me a Shaq slam dunk that breaks a backboard or a Vince Carter dunk anyday

Penny was pretty good man, very talented player and I give the slight edge to Wade but that's just me.

From what I gather, you tend to prop up the current players to years past. Maybe that's because so many people call this a weak era, I don't know.
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