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Default Who on the Mav's would you trade for Kmart?

I dont know how I would feel about this if it actually happened, but its fun to think about, and the more I think about it the more I think I like it.

Kmart and Najera for Stack and Croshere
(picked this combination from article info, positions correlating, and salary matching)

I know that stack is a huge part of this team in terms of scoring off the bench and team leadership. The leadership I can't speak for but the scoring, we've already taken care of. We signed Ager who is shooting lights out in summer league at 50% from the 3pt line, and I'm predicting we're going to pick up James on Wednesday who avg'd 20ppg and shot 44% from the arc this season.

In return for stack and AC we recieve Kmart, who would finally give us a low post presence (which we haven't had since, well I can't remember a true low post presence we have ever had), and he would command attention when dirk goes to the bench. He would give us the ability to have a very good small team (Harris/Terry/Howard/KMart/Dirk) or a very good big squad (Harris/Howard/Dirk/KMart/Damp).

We would also recieve someone in Najera, who I feel is a prototypical Johnson player. Works harder than anyone on the floor and very defensive minded.

I know its far fetched, and that it would be a huge risk that would probably disrupt the great team chemistry we have now, but I wanted to see what other people thought.

PG - Harris/James/Armstrong
SG - Terry/Ager
SF - Howard/Najera/Pops
PF - Dirk/KMart
C - Damp/Diop/M'Benga

(oh yeah and I'm also callin for us to sign undrafter rookie Pops Mensa-Bonsu)

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