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Default Re: Report: Raptors sign Austin Daye, 2 years $2 million

Secret tank is interesting...though I am more firmly convinced that MLSE believes playoffs and Allstar game is the secret panecea for the franchise.

I have not noted their D efficiency ratings though and that may be a clue. I think all three "undervalued" players are going to be D focused in line with the coaching regieme.

A 5 team move up the d efficiency rankings (to where the Raps were say 2 seasons ago) would in fact likely put them in line for 7 -8 seed eastern conference if sustained.

This may actually be a offensively challenged team as the scoring will likely be low and achored or saddled on (1) Gay (2) Derozan with a maginal shooting percentage unless he improves and (3) post buckets off RB from Val and Amir.

How many 90 - 88 games will we see this year ? 50 ? Look for a lot of scripted half court games this season me thinks (sigh).

Further if the Raps sustain a D mentality they could win a lot of those 90 -88 games. 10 more "close wins" from last season puts them into the 38 - 42 category i.e. 7-8 seed.
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