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Default Re: Andrew Wiggins vs Jabari Parker

Originally Posted by Goliath Uterus
Really? I think he imposes himself in pretty much every way. He obviously scores a lot of points, he's a top 3 defensive player in the class, and I feel like he has more poise and composure than Randle.

Chris Weber is exactly what I've been saying. I really wish he had gone somewhere other than UK, cause he's not gonna have much time to develop his post game in that offense, but he'll still be a beast. He's easily the 2nd best in the class behind #22, him and Wiggins look like perennial NBA all stars already.

I think what you're calling poise and composure, I'm maybe reading as a bit of a dead motor (which is an overstatement, but I'm not sure how else to express it). And I know I'm not the only person who's wondered about Wiggins' motor, although some of the criticism I've read has been downright sad in it's attacking of the kid, where I feel like I just can't correctly express what feels like a kind of malaise at times. That game you posted was great though, where you could see his juices get flowing competing with Randle.

Wiggins is a great defender at this level, but much of it seems to rely on his athleticism. He seems to drift in and out. He's a good passer, but not transcendent.

I think the thing that gets me is the Lebron name being thrown around so much. "Best prospect since Lebron". That may be true, but unlike Lebron, I actually want to see this kid play a season in college before I make my final decision. When the athleticism evens out a bit (and it won't ever be even, because he's just that gifted physically), will what looks to me like malaise at the HS level be more of a lapse of focus that he can't cover for.
That sort of focus issue has been a problem for many a kid his age. And when the Lebron thing gets thrown around, I think that's where the problem stems from, because what set Lebron apart were two things, one he was physically gifted pretty much beyond anyone else, and he seemed hyper engaged. Granted it was more in the Magic Johnson gregerious mold, rather than the Jordan, or Russell, pathalogical mold, but still, he was engaged in the game as a young kid in a way that just isn't normal, and Wiggins often times I just don't see that.

All that said what he brings to the table athletically and skill set wise, particularly regarding what is the foundation of his jumper, which looks awesome, he'd still almost certainly be my top pick.
Howeverrrrrr ... if he does have moments at Kansas that question his focus a bit, and I've already got a top flight wing on my roster as a bad team (which frankly I can't think of one at the moment), I still feel like Randle's 6-9, 250 lb frame, with what is by all accounts plus plus athleticism, and a pretty damn refined skill set himself, I can see a team preferring him. I don't see the gap as that huge. Especially if I'm right and Randle is a bit out of shape from being injured his senior year, and he winds up looking better as a real program like Kentucky starts prepping him as a pro prospect. Whereas Wiggins, I'm not sure what he can do at Kansas to look better as a prospect than he already does.

And like you said, everyone, including Parker, just looks to be a notch below these two guys.
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