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Default Re: Andrew Wiggins vs Jabari Parker

i dont know about randle to be honest he might be special but i think i want to see what he can do more than what wiggins can do in college . why?

because in the nba there will be guys that can defend him and will defend him better than anyone else in college right now. for wiggins kid can actually play 2 or 3 like a kevin durant .. and right now he is better defensively than kd when kd was at this age.

parker on the other hand could end up being a better primed danny granger.

I think pressure is on randle mode because that team is stacked ... that has got to be the most stacked team in recent years just because how they got top 20 in their roster. its crazy.

the only worry i have for wiggins is his jumpshot he has a great form he just needs to be damn good on delivering it when needed .

then we have the rest... who can still be all stars..

but i guess out of the 3 you guys are right randle and wiggins could be franchise players for years.
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