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Default Re: Fantasy Football 2013 Advice

Originally Posted by jazz873
Spiller or McCoy
Dez or Green
Forte or Chris Johnson
David Wilson or Lamar Miller or Chris Ivory

Spiller easily. He's so explosive. With a rookie QB I feel like he's going to see an increase in attempts this season as well. Barring any injuries, if you take McCoy over Spiller you're making a mistake.

Dez or Green...tough. Both have awesome ability. Green is less of an injury risk but I would go Dez because he's playing some pretty shitty secondaires in the NFC East. He has the much easier schedule over all.

Forte and Chris Johnson is closer than people think. I'm avoiding Forte this season if I can because that offensive line is shit and he has a pretty tough schedule. Chris Johnson has an improved offesnvie line, but he's so unpredictable. He can either be the 5th best RB next season or the 15th. If you want a guy who you pretty much know will be a RB2 go Forte. If you want a guy who could become a RB1 if everything goes right, but risk him playing more like a RB3 go CJ.

I have the last 3 RBs ranked in this order.

David Wilson- Tough schedule, but very good offensive line. Will see a large amount of carries this season, and his lightining quick speed and big play ability.

Chris Ivory- Easy easy easy schedule. Playing 2nd easiest schedule against teams who gave up most fantasy points to RBs last season. Miller actually has the 1rst easiest, but Ivory has the experience over the rookie.

Lamar Miller

I actually have Ivory and Miller ranked back to back.
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