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Originally Posted by johndeeregreen
Guy has just been a line drive MACHINE this year. Awesome watching him hit. McCann has been on another level lately as well.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but he seems to have cut down his swing quite a bit it looks like. I think it comes with maturity, people forget that he came into the league at 21 (his first full year I'm counting), and is only 23.
Just looking at some of his advanced stats. His BABIP is quite high at .373, however, everything else looks good. LD% at 28.9% (career high) and his groundball rate has gone down each year and everything else is around career norm (just slightly better).

If there's one thing you can pick on him for is his propensity to strike out; but he takes a fair share of walks and if he's hitting .300 with that, no one is going to complain.

As for McCann, he was coming off a truly horrendous year and something was off. But ever since he's been back from injury, he has been on a tear. Great thing with McCann is he does it with power. Going to be a very interesting offseason for him and the Braves. He is going to be turning 30 and I don't it's wise for the Braves to slot in Gattis at C. However, how much is McCann going to command on the open market?

Also, a move to the AL could help McCann quite a bit, as he'd be able to DH. I want the Jays to get him but I think it's unrealistic. Only way it's a possibility is if Jays can somehow get rid of Buehrle and a NL team pays Josh Johnson. I think the Jays will be players for Howie Kendrick in the off-season, and upgrading C is a must for the Jays...
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