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Default Re: do air jordan releases still draw a long line?

Originally Posted by KNOW1EDGE
def size down .5

The 3s crease extremely easy, and run a tad big, so going down .5 will help them not crease and also just fit better.

and LOL at the corniness of those pics above. dude copping like 30 pairs of toro iv's and thinking he is cool? posing for pics?

and the dude with his dog, he has a Jordan 1 fusion and a spizike. lol

And did u guys see Colin Kapernicks "collection" dude had the 60+ and son of mars. lmao

One video review I saw advised to go true to size this time, so I'm still kinda confused about what I'm going to do. They changed the midsole paintjob of these Fire Red's to help protect them from cracking, so I'm wondering if production helped sizing as well.

Naw, didn't check out Kaepernick's collection yet.
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