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Default Re: Pistons Trade For Brandon Jennings

Originally Posted by ZMonkey11
and rethinking it, MOST TEAMS had Darko as #2 or #3 pick, so how was it really a mistake? This kid was a mystery, his work outs were great, and he really impressed scouts.

Yeah man I totally agree with you here, very highly acclaimed prospect - still surprised we took him before Melo though... But coming into the draft Darko was seen as having a very, very high ceiling...

Originally Posted by ZMonkey11
He just wasn't ready for the NBA and Larry Brown probably broke him. Larry Brown is notorious for riding rookies hard and not letting them play much.

Which is why I think it wouldn't of really mattered if we drafted Melo / Wade, as they would of had a similar fate coming off the bench in the first year (maybe slightly more game time as they were more developed players than Darko by this stage).

But at the end of the day, who knows what would of happened if we took one of those players? But we took Darko, and we won a chip - I wouldn't trade that for a "what if"..

I was just messing before mate

Dumars 3rd biggest mistake was hiring Kuester and Curry as head coaches - I didn't mind Frank, but now feel really good with Cheeks.

Nastradamus > I agree with you we would of been better off long term with Melo. Yeah we drafted Prince, but that wouldn't of stopped us from drafting Melo. At this stage we obviously didn't have Sheed, but just imagine this lineup:


But at I said before, I wouldn't give up a chip for "what ifs" even though this what if looks pretty damn nice...
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