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Default Re: Pistons Trade For Brandon Jennings

Originally Posted by ZMonkey11
I read the whole article.

If you would like to start getting testy on this board, we can go that route.

But please inform me where he fits into our team when we just drafted Tayshaun the year before? You fail to realize we WON A CHAMPIONSHIP that year? Our hallmark was defense. You don't remember this was a young Carmelo that was a trouble maker. He would be getting less playing time after being an alpha dog at Syracuse that just won the National Championship. And do we even get Rasheed if Carmelo is here? Have you ever watched interviews of Carmelo talking about Linsanity when he came back? He acted straight up jealous and wanted the ball back in his hands when the Knicks were rolling pretty nicely in 2012.

There were no superstars on that Pistons team. That was our identity. Going to work. Blue collar. Everyone worked together. When someone was hot, it was their night. You change that whole mantra to superstar and I don't think it works anymore.

I don't know why you're getting all worked up about. I didn't mean to insult anyone though.

I do think its ridiculous to suggest that adding a superstar caliber talent to our team on a rookie contract, in place of Darko, would have hurt our team's chances of winning the title though. JMO
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