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Default Josh Smith and our 2004 draft pick

So I was reading up on how we got Rasheed Wallace in 2004 and something interesting popped in my head after it was written in the article.


Atlanta: 2004 17th Pick (DET) [Josh Smith]
Bobby Sura (DET)
Zeliko Rebraca (DET)
Chris Mills (BOS)

Detroit: Rasheed Wallace (ATL)
Mike James (BOS)

2004 25th Pick (DET) [Tony Allen]
Chucky Atkins (DET)
Lindsey Hunter (DET)


Detroit: Sign Josh Smith (UFA) to 4 year deal

Our draft pick we sent to the Atlanta Hawks was Josh Smith. And with his signing, it's like we benefited from having Atlanta groom him for 8 years, then
snagged him up.

If you figured this out already, sorry I'm slow on the draw. Just thought it was some interesting trivia.
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