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Speaking on the Houston guards, David Wesley is a FA and likely won't be returning. Sura's health is an issue and there hasn't even been any word on if he's going to play, except that he's been working out hard and trying to get ready to play if he can. So that leaves, Alston and Head as the two guards that will be playing for us FOR SURE. An Alston/Head backcourt is not going to cut it and that is where Mike James will come in. Eve if we do sign JL3, that still leaves us with a Alston/Head/Lucas backcourt which is still not enough. Mike James is just as small as those guards but he has more ability to create and make his own shots. With all the high-powered offensive teams in the West, you're going to need all the offense you can get.

If anybody remembers game 7 of the Rockets/Mavs series a couple years ago, Yao and Tmac showed up and did their part to win. Yao had 33/10, Tmac had 27/7/7 (MJ had 4pts plus an ejection ) and they still lost by 40 points. Lack of scoring besides of Yao/Tmac is what killed us. Put Mike James on the injury squad last season and his extra points would have gave us enough wins for atleast the 8th spot. So yes, signing Mike James is our Priority. We still have a TE to trade for a decent PF.
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