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Default Re: Knick just wasting time with Woodson?

Originally Posted by knickscity
Carlisle won a ring with Dallas playing a two pg lineup and even three guards at a time.

Phil would coach this team, he'd demand all of them traded.

The problem isnt whether Woodson can coach a team to title but rather is this team a title contender?

The simple answer is no, but they should be competitive and a hard team to knockout.
Huge disagree. This team has elite talent.

This isn't girls basketball where the coach controls what the players do. A coach controls only who plays with who and for how long. And that is the problem- how the players are used.

Shumpert and Jr smith are the best 2 gaurds. Defensively and offensively. (Maybe you can make an argument for Felton over shumpert offensively, but there is no arguing defense right?

The 6th man is someone you want handling the ball and making decisions- who fits that better, Felton or JR smith?

The only reason you put Felton over shumpert or jr smith is if you want option number 1 to be a pg/c pick and roll- why do you want that as first option when you have the best post up 3 of all time?

Jr smith

Felton, mwp, Kmart, amare off the bench

That's as talented of a rotation as there is in the NBA. Problem is they aren't used right and it lowers the ceiling of the team using them out of talent order.
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