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Default Re: 2016 NBA #1 Draft Pick Georgios Papagiannis Update

Originally Posted by Euroleague
His family is Greek idiot.

Seikaly was born in Beirut, Lebanon. As a child, Rony moved from Beirut to Greece, where he spent the rest of his youth, and was known by the name Rony Sakalis. He attended and graduated from the American School, also known as ACS Athens.

In addition to playing basketball, he was also a football (soccer) player, and an accomplished track and field athlete. Despite being raised in Greece, he was unable to attain Greek citizenship, due to bureaucratic problems caused by a back-log in his citizenship paperwork, but he later became a naturalized American citizen.[1][2]

In the same fashion as Nigeria rejected the Greek national much the same way as Greece rejected responsible fiscal policy...Greece also rejected Rony Seikaly.

PS - Again, no links. I've found two and one projects this kid at 14. The other doesn't mention his name at all because lol Greece.
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