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Default Re: Summer Pro League prospects

Originally Posted by DKLaker
It amazes me that something as simple as the difference between rain and snow has to be explained at length......"But they both come from the clouds"

Sure, the Lakers signed a guy after Summer League......they (NBA) used to sign guys out of High School......does that mean High School is the place to form an NBA team
I write a post explaining Summer League and it seemed to go right over some guys heads.
There were not a lot of posters in this particular thread, so are you referring to me?
If yes, Im sorry, what particular point did I imply that I don't understand from your explanation?
But yes, the one below was your quote.

There are a ton of guyswho's main goal is to get exercise, get in shape for the upcoming season and not get hurt, especially top draft picks who are guaranteed a spot.
Would you be kind enough to indulge me with specifics, name me the players who joined the SPL, whose main goal is to exercise or get in shape and not get hurt? Im asking you bec I question the logic of these unsigned prospects but how on earth will they impress the scouts and head coaches present if they are in poor shape?
If these guys don't know the system they are running it becomes as significant as YOU hitting baskets in your driveway by yourself, it is NOT real basketball but merely exercise. In summer league, many guys are working on things that they don't do well, not things that they would be doing if it was a real game, so guys who are slashers will maybe take a bunch of 3's instead of driving or vice versa

HUH, let me ask you what the "D" means from the D-league?
I thought it's DEVELOPMENTAL, is it not?
Why would they not use the D-League to work on their weaknesses AND then do their best to impress everybody in the SPL? I don't watch the D-League but I can tell you that I saw a handful of head coaches like Rivers,Mark Jackson, Hornacek etc intently watching the games and I have my doubts if they are very available during the Dleague.
Its funny you have time to research Goudelocks stats, (btw he did great too in the D-League) making it meaningful to support your point but when I do it, you'll say, " stats are meaningless) That I have to watch the game, blah blah blah.
Well, You and I like Goudelock but 30 teams along with their scouts, coaching staff passed on this guy, what did they missed or vice versa?
You claimed before you have a very good eye on bust players like who again? John Celestand?
Gioing back to the main point, I never said, the SPL in on par with the D-League, my contention was the league has some prospects that can help provided that they get the right guidance. (Utah just signed Ian Clark, an SPL participant) to a contract
If you ask me, I question that logic of signing Elias Harris, I actually prefer a D-leaguer like Landry to get a shot.
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